Sunday, September 30, 2012

Picotto Knights - 2 New Gameplay Videos (Cam)

Picotto Knights is a new free-to-play PS Vita Side-scrolling RPG title. Up to four players can go online for co-op. The game has been confirmed for a western release.

My Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Vita Wallpaper

Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta English Subbed Trailer

Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta - First Impressions Gameplay Video

 Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta for PS Vita is out now in Japan, a fan has posted a new hands-on video detailing some of games features. The video is SPOILER FREE.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Code of Princess - New Features Trailer, Coming October 9th

Pre-order the game and you will receive the Code of Princess Sound & Visual Book, a collection of artwork from Kinu Nishimura and music from ACE’s soundtrack. Code of Princess is set to release on October 9th for the 3DS.

Alternate Cover Arts/Box Arts for Japanese Street Fighter X Tekken Vita

Japanese retailers are offering alternate covers as a bonus for buying Street Fighter X Tekken Vita at their store. This offer is Japan Only.

Retailer: Geo

Retailer: Bic Camera / Softmap

Retailer: Yamada Denki

Final Fantasy Type-0, KH: Birth By Sleep, Dragon Quest Rocket Slime Ultimate Hits Box Arts

Final Fantasy Type-0, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime Ultimate Hits will be available December 6th for 2,940 yen ($37).

Dokuro - 3 New Cam Gameplay Videos

 Gungho is bringing Game Arts' Dokuro, a PS Vita side-scrolling puzzle-action title to North America this October.


Muramasa: The Demon Blade Vita - First Scans

Muramasa Vita includes all new story content and 4 extra playable characters.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hitman: Absolution - CONTRACTS Playthough Video

Square-Enix said: "CONTRACTS is a new online mode which allows gamers to create and share their own custom hit challenges within the HITMAN: ABSOLUTION game. Players will choose a level, targets, weapons and then set their own rules for completing the contract based on time, style and witnesses."

My Atelier Ayesha Wallpaper 2

Toki to Towa - 13 New Gameplay Screenshots

Square-Enix To Re-release Final Fantasy Type-0, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep In Japan

Final Fantasy Type-0 is quickly approaching its one year anniversary, to celebrate its first birthday, Square-Enix is re-releasing the game and other titles soon. 

Final Fantasy Type-0, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime 3DS will all be added to the company’s 'Ultimate Hits' brand in Japan. Each title will be available for 2,940 yen and will be released on December 6th.

Valhalla Knights 3 (Vita) - First Scans

- 7 vs 7 battles  

- Seamless transition between the field and battle scenes

 - Seven races: Human, Elf, Hobbit, Dwarf, Nightmare, and Beast

- Can choose gender, classes, and customize personality

- Story quests with different kinds of missions

- Escort missions included

- A change in personality changes how they perform in battle

- Can start a relationship with the girls running the guild and shops

- Girls will give you requests

- Carry the requests out to increase your relationship

- Better relationship leads to “awesome service” in stores and the guild where you can recruit new knights

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Launch Trailer

My Kingdom Hearts 3D, KH3D HD Wallpaper

Silent Hill Book of Memories Demo Coming To NA Next Week

Silent Hill: Book of Memories demo hits North America next week, the demo is currently out in the EU PSN store. The full game will be available on October 16th.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

GungHo Bringing Dokuro and Picotto Knights to NA, Ragnarok Odyssey to EU

GungHo Online Entertainment has established a North American division, meaning that a number of its PS Vita Japanese titles will be brought to the west. Dokuro and Picotto Knights are heading to North America. Europe will be getting Ragnarok Odyssey.

Dokuro is a side-scrolling action game. As a character called Dokuro, players must rescue a princess from her prison. Dokuro can transform into a cool/good-looking person, which allows him to carry the princess and attack enemies.

Picotto Knights is a new free-to-play PS Vita Side-scrolling RPG title. Up to four players can go online for co-op. Its set to release on September 20th.

Ragnarok Odyssey is a Action based Role Playing Game (A-RPG), and more precisely a Monster-Hunter like game. Its based on Ragnarok Online (a MMORPG made by Gravity) who is based on Ragnarok (A manhwa made by Lee Myung-Jin) who is based on Norse Mythology.

Metal Gear Rising, Zone of the Enders HD Collection Limited Editions

Konami will release a Limited Edition package for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance as well as Zone of the Enders HD Collection in the west.

Metal Gear Rising’s release includes a copy of the game, a soundtrack, and a plasma lamp modeled after Raiden’s sword. The Collector’s Edition version of Zone of the Enders HD Collection includes a copy of the game, a soundtrack, and a 100 page artbook. 

Persona 4 Golden - 5 New Social Links and Status Screenshots

Hideo Kojima on Silent Hill, MGS: Ground Zeroes, and More

Hideo Kojima held a special session at the Eurogamer Expo earlier today. In his talk, he touched on a number of topics including Policenauts and Snatcher, as well as the possibility of working on Silent Hill. Kojima also shared a few more tidbits on Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

 Silent Hill
- The president of Konami called Kojima and asked him if he’d like to make the next Silent Hill
- Kojima says he’s “kind of a scardey-cat when it comes to horror movies, so I’m not confident I can do it”
- “At the same time, there’s a certain type of horror that only people who are scared of can create, so maybe it’s something I can do.”
- Kojima believes Silent Hill has a certain atmosphere and this has to continue
- “…I’d love to help it continue, and if I can help by supervising or lending the technology of the Fox Engine, then I’d love to participate in that respect.”

Metal Gear
- Boss battles: Kojima is a big fan of Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid and The Sorrow from Metal Gear Solid 3
- Kojima says he’s grown alongside Snake
- “As long as there’s a Snake in Metal Gear Solid, that Snake will always be a part of me, so I don’t think I could ever do a Snake that’s much younger than myself.”
- “For example, if at some point if we decided to bring out a JRPG with Snake in his teens, I don’t think that’s something I could do. I’d have to leave that with the younger staff. As you’ve seen, Ground Zeroes will feature a slightly older Snake.”

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
- Peace Walker’s base-building and development is returning in Ground Zeroes
- Accessible from smart phones and other devices, most likely
- Access the base in-between the open world sections
- Reach the base by helicopter
- Can explore the base on foot as it develops around you
- Full day/night cycle reconfirmed
- Ties into the stealth-base gameplay

My Atelier Ayesha Wallpaper

New Little King’s Story Launch Trailer

 The game follows King Corobo, who is tasked with taking back his kingdom from the devil king “The Nightmare,” as he journeys through seven different kingdoms, leading his Royal Guard into battles against dark lords who have captured the royal princesses.