Friday, August 31, 2012

Looks Like We Might Be Getting A New 'The World Ends with You' Game

The World Ends with You: Solo Remix came out a few days ago, and some players have already managed to locate a new hidden ending. The image seems to hint at a new title in the series. And so there may be a sequel to The Worlds Ends with You after all. If it does happen though, which platform/s will come out for?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - New Art Wallpaper (Small)

Bigger Size Coming Soon

Ver 1.5
  Ver 1

Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 Dual Pack Coming September 13

One of Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy 25th anniversary announcements almost certainly has to be related to a newly confirmed PlayStation 3 dual pack. Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel will be bundled together along with a few additional, it seems.

Also included are 8 Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 post cards. Players will be able to choose between the Chinese and English versions of both games. The Final Fantasy XIII/Final Fantasy XIII-2 Dual Pack will be available in Asia on September 13th. 

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - First Arts

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- World is ending in 13 days, and Lightning must save it before the countdown ends
- Day/night cycle included
- Tons of ways to dress Lightning up, which affects battle
- Real-time gameplay
- Control Lightning’s movements in battle

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - First Videos, Details

The main story takes place hundreds of years after Final Fantasy XIII-2, set in a world called Novus Partus -- which is composed of four islands connected by monorail. The development team told IGN that three of the guiding pillars for the art direction in Lightning Returns are "gothic, mechanical and fantasy."

The most startling change to Lightning Returns comes in the form of the doomsday countdown. According to Square-Enix, the world will end after 13 days, and a massive clock will count down constantly in the corner of the screen to indicate this looming deadline. Any action players take, even taking the monorail from place to place, will spend time and hasten the end of days.

With Lightning as the only playable character, players will have unparalleled control over customizing her looks and combat style. The battle system itself, a greatly modified version of the previous two, will feature real-time elements including direct control of Lightning's movement and her attacks, as well as time-based moves that drain the doomsday counter. Lightning Returns will also include a real-time block system, designed to make battles much more active and time-based. Even dying mid-battle will activate a prompt to give players the choice to rewind their mistakes at the expense of the timer.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories - 9 New Screenshots

You begin the game by choosing from one of five classes - not anything as traditional as "healer" or "magic user," but characters that favor certain stats over certain others. You'll gain experience by slaying monsters, and be able to assign points to the stats of your choice as you level up. Weapons degrade as you use them,  fortunately, you can bring a bit of posse with you, as Book of Memories offers multiplayer, so perhaps your buddy will take pity and save you.

You'll use the Vita's touch screen to do things like collect inventory items and solve puzzles. Your backpack can only hold a specific number of certain items, so you'll have to buy a bigger one at a shop. 
Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the PS Vita is set to release this October in North America and Europe.

First Screenshot from Insomniac’s Fuse

Insomniac president Ted Price held a keynote at PAX Prime 2012 today, and gave attendees a first look at Fuse (formerly known as Overstrike).  A countdown page is set to expire at 12:00 AM PDT on September 12th. 

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - 4 New Screenshots

My Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Angel Wallpaper 2

A very simple wallpaper.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - EU Pre-order Trailer

Fuel Overdose - New Details, Trailer, and Screenshots

Fuel Overdose will be coming to the PlayStation Network and PC sometime very soon.

• The good old feeling of top-down/isometric racing
• Grappling hooks to grab your enemies and perform perfect turns
• A wide variety of vehicles, driving styles and customization options
• An array of advanced techniques: skidding, drifting and spins
• For the race purists, offline and online weapon-free and drift challenges and game modes


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - New Nariko and Sir Daniel Trailers and Renders


The Unfinished Swan - PAX Prime 2012 Story Trailer

Square Enix Unwilling To Talk About Final Fantasy X HD for PS3, PS Vita

You know what’s crazy? Square Enix announced Final Fantasy X for the PlayStation 3 and Vita almost one year ago. Yet, we still haven’t seen a single screenshot or received any details about how it will play on the two platforms. Moreover, even after this lengthy period of time has passed, Square Enix still won’t talk about the game.

Final Fantasy producer Shinji Hashimoto was asked by GameSpot about the HD port. Hashimoto and Square Enix replied by saying “no comment”. That isn’t exactly informative. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll see a drop of news at the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event? As for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Hashimoto and Square Enix noted that development is progressing well. 

Dead Island Riptide - First Screenshots, Render

Dead Island: Riptide is the “next battle between life and death,” currently in full development for consoles and PC. A full-blown reveal is planned for later this summer.

Resident Evil 6 Leaked Out Early

Resident Evil 6 won’t be out for over a month. But that hasn’t stopped one Polish retailer from breaking the street date extremely early. has managed to get its hands on a copy of Resident Evil 6. It’s not clear which shop was selling the title, but only a few consumers were able to pick it up before the available stock cleared out.