Saturday, April 30, 2011

Angry Birds Reaches 140 million downloads

The popularity of Angry Birds continues to soar as the game has now reached 140 million downloads worldwide, according to an executive with its publisher Rovio Mobile.

The download numbers represent a major surge from the 100 million downloads reported by Rovio in March, and puts Angry Birds further into the ranks of the top selling games of all time.
The game has been a large success after it was first launched as an Apple iPhone app in December 2009, said Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka, who goes by the title "Mighty Eagle," at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing on Wednesday.
Angry Birds is now available on a wide range of platforms including Android, Windows, and video game systems like the Playstation 3. The game sells for $0.99 on Apple's App Store, but also comes in a free version.
The success of the game, however, didn't come easy, and Rovio built 51 other games over a seven-year period before Angry Birds really started taking off, Vesterbacka said. Marketing has played a big role in the game's popularity, he added. Rovio has invested in producing Angry Birds merchandise to promote the game and created an ad that ran during the Super Bowl.
Rovio has big ambitions for China. The company aims to reach 100 million downloads of Angry Birds this year, Vesterbacka said. He did not disclose the number of downloads of the game in the country so far.
The company also believes it can make Angry Birds one of the most recognized brands in China. "We are now in the top three for the most copied brand in China," he said. "We are up there with Disney and Hello Kitty."
China is potentially a large market for Rovio. The country has 889 million mobile phone users, according to the country's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Saints Row The 3rd New Game Info

- The player will make major, major decisions that dictate the ending they’ll see when its all said and done.
- As you gain control of the city you will be able to build safes houses
- You can pimp your rides in both form and function,the game will automatically save custom rides for later use
-  Flash Points are random pocket of rival gangs you must clear out to gain great control over a particular district.These missions emerge organically.
- Mayhem missions often change game conditions,and feels like their own mini games
- Story missions will be far more diverse,developers are aiming to provide something fresh and unexpected for 75% of the missions in the game
- The graphics are better than SR2 with realistic lighting a noticeably higher level of detail,and a slightly less cartoonish aesthetic

Tomb Raider Reboot New PSM Details

Lara Croft is younger and more fragile in Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. The latest issue of PSM provides us more detail as to how her new traits affect gameplay.
Killing, for example, isn’t glorified. Though, in the struggle for survival, Lara realizes that its either kill or be killed.
Jumping is much more dynamic, allowing you to jump and aim in the correct direction. You’ll also be able to change direction mid-air to fly off to the side. Apparently, it’s more Assassin’s Creed-feeling than traditional Tomb Raider.
To keep the game from being linear, there’s an element of choice in the reboot, allowing players to choose between multiple paths in solving obstacles. That said, the entire island as it’s seen exists in the game; simply put, if you can see it, you can access it.
A new gameplay feature, Instant Mode, highlights interactive elements in the environment, aiding the player through obstacles early on in the game. This will help players learn to properly scout interactive objects in later environments.
On a small and final note, the PlayStation 3 version of the game uses the shoulder buttons (R1 and L1) to climb.

My William And Kate Wallpaper 2

SSX New Elise Pictures

Sony To Hold Press Conference Tomorrow Regarding PSN

Sony Corp’s Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai is to host a news conference on Sunday regarding the security breach of the PlayStation Network.
According to the news release, Hirai will speak at 2:00 p.m. Japan time (09:00 a.m. ET) about the breach, as well as the firm’s information management system and the schedule to resume services.
The Japanese electronic giant warned earlier in the week that hackers had stolen names, addresses, and possibly credit card details from the 77 million user accounts from the PlayStation Network, its been down ever since.

Assassin's Creed Revelations Teaser Video

1st Portal 2 DLC Announced

The first piece of downloadable content for Portal 2 has been announced. Out this summer, it will offer “new test chambers for players, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more.” It will be available free of charge on all platforms.
No set date, yet.

Need for Speed The Run

Electronic Arts has announced Need for Speed: The Run today, a “heart-pounding cross-country [illicit, high-stakes] race” from San Francisco to New York powered by DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine — the same engine that powers the visually stunning Battlefield 3.
The Run claims to take the genre to “new heights” with its “stunning visuals” (which they say are “unparalleled”), physics system, and “gripping storyline.” It promises to have you “at the edge of your seat.”
“This is the year that Need for Speed goes to the next level,” said Jason DeLong, Executive Producer at EA. “We think that Need for Speed The Run is going to surprise people with its intense, thrilling story and big action feel. But the game would be nothing without hot cars and crazy-fast chases. So that is what we’re delivering — explosive racing that will have players flirting with disaster at 200-miles an hour.”
It’s out November 17, 2011 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii and 3DS.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Assassin’s Creed Revelations

The next Assassin’s Creed game may not be numbered, after all. Leaked via the franchise’s official Facebook page, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations looks to be the next entry in the series.
Ubisoft published an accidental reveal for the game on its Facebook page earlier today, reading: “Assassins, the day you have been waiting for has arrived!!! Click the link below to help reveal an exclusive look at the upcomingAssassin’s Creed game!”
The link was quickly removed, but not before the internet could get to it.
Clicking the link mentioned in the update brought Facebook users to a page with this image:

This is an enlarged image of the original that was found in the SWF. Written backwards, it says “Altair Ibn La Ahd” in Arabic.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Final Fantasy Type 0 [New Screenshots And Info]

Up at the top, the site shows screens of the game's mission flow. As you progress in the story, you'll receive orders from the Suzaku military commanders. To begin your mission, you'll want to speak to a Moogle in the school. You then head out to the battle field on a world map.

In the Famitsu screens, when you speak to the Moogle, he tells you (in Moogle speak) that a major mission has arrived. The text in the Famitsu mission briefing describes an operation by the Suzaku army against the invading Milites forces in the area surrounding the school. The army is unable to enter a strategic base, so they've called upon the students of Class Zero (that's you) for help.

While the site doesn't offer too many specifics on battle, it does show one thing we've all been waiting to see: summons.

In Type-0, summons are referred to as Gunshin, which I think can be translated to "Gods of War." They appear for a limited time, but are fully controlled by the player.

Famitsu shows Ifreet and Golem. Ifreet has various fire-based commands. Golem has moves like "Megaton Punch" and the defensive "Burst Mode" move which blocks out attacks for a limited time.

There's a big catch to using a summon, though. The summoning player sacrifices himself and can no longer be used for the remainder of the battle.

The site also has screens of the latest characters: Cid, Khalia Chival VI, Qator Bashtar and Izana

Getting particular attention are Machina Kunagiri and Rem Tokimiya, the two playable characters who appear to have a special role in the game beyond the twelve other playable students from the Suzaku school. It was previously said that Rem and Machina are students in Class Zero, just like the other students. Famitsu reveals that they actually joined the class midway through rather than starting off with everyone. The site also notes that they alone are specified with full names (I'll also point out that unlike the other students, they're not named after playing cards).

Immortals Trailer

The film stars future Superman Henry Cavill opposite the likes of Stephen Dorff, Luke Evans, Isabel Lucas, Kellan Lutz, John Hurt, and Mickey Rourke in the story of a rampaging bloodthirsty king in pursuit of a legendary Bow which he believes will make him so invincible he’ll be able to overthrown the Gods of Olympus. Theseus, played by Cavill, stands in his way. 

Superman Reboot Movie: Female Villain ?

Deadline says: 

I'm told that German actress Antje Traue is the frontrunner to join Michael Shannon as the villains of the Zack Snyder-directed Superman film Man of Steel. Since Shannon is playing General Zod, might Traue be playing his accomplice, Ursa, who appeared in the first two Superman films? Traue starred with Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid in Pandorum, and she is currently in Sweden shooting the Peter Flinth-directed Nobels Testament. Traue has been in the hunt for a big studio role. She tested for The Rite, which went to Alice Braga, and also met Marc Forster to play Brad Pitt's character's wife in World War Z, a role that went to The Killing star Mireille Enos. She is repped by Greene & Associates, Spielkind in Germany and UK's Troika.

Tomb Raider Reboot New Information

1. As stated by Scrat, the adventure will be divided into three major sections corresponding to the 3 phases of the evolution of Lara in his initiation: survival, rescue, escape.

2. The article stresses that the physics engine the game uses mainly the laws of gravity, centrifugal force … To allow Lara to reach his goals.

3. The cutscenes and the game fit perfectly and are linked together without snap.

4. The pain of Lara is accentuated by the effects of staging (close-ups, tighter camera angles, motion blur …).

5. Lara’s character changes during the game one young woman inexperienced and impressionable, it will evolve gradually towards a more mature and adventurous determined, which will be felt in its equipment (the section does not the possibility that the two appear 9mm) and its aftershocks.

6. The survival instinct that highlights the decorative elements that can help Lara can only be used when stationary.

7. The puzzles based on the laws of physics, there are often several ways to solve them, and above all, no panacea: it is sometimes necessary to try several times to make it work because the laws of physics are random, the while adding a part of “improvisation” on the part of the player who has to do with what he has to move forward. Finally, the article states that despite the aid, the puzzles are not that easy to solve in the heat of the moment.

8. Statues of Buddha appear several times in the game.. Their usefulness is unknown at this time.

9. Some elements of the set collapsing under the weight of Lara.

Tales of Xillia Lots of New Screenshots

The oldest of the party, Rowen is 62 years-old. He believes time is precious and it shouldn’t be wasted. He uses a saber to fight and is also seen using magic.

Naughty Dog: PS3 Jaw Dropping In A Few Years

PlayStation 3 will be 'put to jaw-dropping use in the next few years', Naughty Dog's Richard Lemarchand has exclusively told Play.
The Lead Game Designer for Uncharted 3 was waxing lyrical about PS3's Cell processor, telling Play that developers will try 'different ways of using it'.
"Just as the PS2 saw a lot of great graphical innovation in its life cycle - like the beautiful cel-shading in Clover Studio's Okami or the astonishing animation work in Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus - I think we'll be seeing the PlayStation 3's Cell put to many different kinds of jaw-dropping use in the next few years, as developers try different ways of using it."
"When we made Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, we were famous for saying that we felt we weren't using much more than about a third of PS3's power. With Uncharted 2, we got much closer to harnessing the full power of the Cell processor, which is at the heart of the PS3's architecture."
"We feel like we've got something of a handle on this now, because of our experiences working on the first two Uncharted games, but I'm sure that some of the new technologies we're developing will challenge us in new ways, and that we still have our work cut out for us."

Diablo 3 Nearing Completion

Blizzard are well known for not releasing a game before it's ready so, when they say that they're nearing completion for their latest RPG, we may still be some ways off from seeing Diablo 3.

Diablo 3's director Jay Wilson recently told the New York Times that Blizzard is "definitely in the home stretch. We’re crunching. This is when the magic happens.”

Unfortunately Wilson gave no firm release date for Diablo 3 and in Activision's last financial report there was no Blizzard title down for a 2011 release.

FIFA 12 1st Game Details

1. FIFA 12 introduces the 'Impact Engine' which properly tracks and formulates contact between players, including their hips, knees etc.

2. The AI will also keep track of areas of the body players have been injured during a match. Players can also become injured off the ball if abused too much, especially late in the game.

3. FIFA 12 also introduces 'AI Vision Game' (rough translation), which promises to make passing more realistic.

4. If you try to complete a pass to a player that's not within visible range, for example, it's less likely you'll complete the pass. EA hopes this will get rid of "blind passing".
Personality Plus is more developed and should influence AI players' passes this time.

5. AI is said to be "more human", with each player acting more or less according to his abilities. One example given is when an AI player sees Fabregas coming towards him with the ball, he'll act more carefully.

6. OPM describes "new presentation" of matches in FIFA 12, which are said to be very much inspired by English football crowds.

7. The game includes three new arenas, this time with integrated benches along the sidelines and "impressive lighting effects" according to OPM France.

8. Integration of a new short dribble with the left stick.
The game features a new camera that's noticeably closer to the ground.

9. There's also a new menu interface that appears to be simpler and more ergonomic than before.

Sony Sued For PlayStation Network Data Breach

Like clockwork, the first lawsuit resulting from the security breach of the personal data of more than 75 million Sony PlayStation Network customers has been filed.

The suit was filed today on behalf of Kristopher Johns, 36, of Birmingham, Ala., in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Johns accuses Sony of not taking "reasonable care to protect, encrypt, and secure the private and sensitive data of its users."

He also believes Sony took too long to notify him and other customers that their personal information had been exposed. Because of that, the complaint alleges, Sony did not allow its customers "to make an informed decision as to whether to change credit card numbers, close the exposed accounts, check their credit reports, or take other mitigating actions."

The lawsuit is asking for monetary compensation and free credit card monitoring, and is seeking class action status.

My Dragon Age 2 Female Hawke Wallpaper 2

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PlayStation Tablet Video

PlayStation Network Hacked

Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed that the PlayStation Network outage that began last week was due to hackers illegally infiltrating their systems. As a result, certain PlayStation Network account information was compromised by the hackers, causing Sony to temporarily turn off the PlayStation Network, hire an recognized security firm to investigate the hackers, and rebuild their systems for greater security.
Your information that may have been compromised include your:
  • Name
  • Adress (city, state, zip)
  • Country
  • Email Address
  • Birthdate
  • Password
  • Profile Data
  • Purchase History
  • Billing Address
  • Security Question Answers
Sony currently has “no evidence” that credit card information was stolen, but “cannot rule out the possibility”. That said, your credit card number and expiration date may have been obtained.
Sony claims to “have a clear path” to restoring the PlayStation Network services, which they expect to be live again “within a week”. When all is live and well, we suggest you log on to your account and change your password.

Tomb Raider Origins New Scans and Info

New Game Info:

1. One image is showing Lara warming herself near a camp fire

2. One Image is showling Lara jumping, and there is heavy rain in background

3. One image is showing Lara talking with another character

4. Another image is about details of her outfit and weapons on an old released artwork


1. The physics of Half Life 2

2. Uncharted’s atmosphere

3. The “visiĆ³ln” of Assassin’s Creed

4. The origins of Batmans Begins

5. The suffering of 127 hours

6. The mysteries of Lost

7. Jumps will be pretty common, as expected. But this time we’ll have more control possibilities over.